In a press release made by HandMade Films John Cleese and Gary Oldman have been named in the voice cast alongside the already known names Dwayne Johnson, Justin Long, Seann William Scott and Jessica Biel.

They have also announced the signing of a distribution agreement for the film with TF1 (France) and Moviemax Italia (yup, Italy). This leaves only Germany and Japan signing an agreement with.

Press release
Voice artists page

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We have come across new video footage! As with the previous video, it's mostly behind the scenes footage. It seems like a full HQ trailer has to wait a little longer!

Click here to watch the video
Original source: El País

Another special treat we have for you are some new pictures from a website called revistaman. And guess what: more behind the scenes! They also had a chat with Ilion which you can read about here (unfortunately it's in Spanish).

Behind the scenes photos
Original source: revistaman

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A video showing the first footage of the CGI-movie Planet 51 has emerged. Although short, and mostly of people being interviewed, it's nice to finally see the protagonists coming to life! Extraterrestial life that is.

You can watch the video on our YouTube channel, right here.
Original source: MarketSaw

If anyone knows a guy who could translate the video, we'd be happy to hear!



they say: Planet 51 is the most ambitious project of the Spanish films. Its about a quiet planet that is visited by an human alien. He thinks that there is no live in that planet and he only wants to be famous for having been there the first, but later he realises that is not true.
The script was written by the same author of Shrek, some famous people put their voices in this film, which has cost around 60 million dollars.
This is an ambitious film (7 years of work) in order to be at the same level of other American super productions. Planet 51 is supposed to be in the cinemas for Christmas of 2009.

Many thanks for the helpful person that translated this!

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Information about the voice artists in the CGI movie have poured in. Dwayne Johnson, Justin Long, Seann William Scott and Jessica Biel have been confirmed to voice some of the protagonists. Besides that it is now known that Ilion Studios aims for a July 24th 2009 release date.

With this news we have learned about a new character; Neera, who is being voiced by Jessica Biel. She has been added to the characters page, however no image is available.

With these updates we have also decided to change the menu on the left hand a little. As you can see information about the CGI movie has been devided over multiple pages, rather than one.

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We have updated the FAQ! Recently we heard the rumour that Ubisoft might be Pyro's new publisher, after Eidos sold all their shares in Pyro Studios in June last year. We have asked Pyro Studios about this, but they did not want to comment. They did ensure us that Mateo Pascual will be composing the game's soundtrack, which was taken in doubt after Matt Biffa and Erin Scully were credited for the music at the IMDb website.

See complete FAQ

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This is something we have been working towards for a long time; the launch of our Planet 51 section! After all our blood, sweat and tears, canceled dates and sleepless nights the time has come to go live!

I'm not going to tell anything about the game here. Just use the menu on the left hand to browse through all available content and learn about this new game! We hope you enjoy your stay here and hope we can build up a great community for young and old!

The New Year couldn't be kicked off any better! The best wishes from the complete TAFN staff for 2008!

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