Teaser trailer emerges - 10 Apr 2008

A video showing the first footage of the CGI-movie Planet 51 has emerged. Although short, and mostly of people being interviewed, it's nice to finally see the protagonists coming to life! Extraterrestial life that is.

You can watch the video on our YouTube channel, right here.
Original source: MarketSaw

If anyone knows a guy who could translate the video, we'd be happy to hear!



they say: Planet 51 is the most ambitious project of the Spanish films. Its about a quiet planet that is visited by an human alien. He thinks that there is no live in that planet and he only wants to be famous for having been there the first, but later he realises that is not true.
The script was written by the same author of Shrek, some famous people put their voices in this film, which has cost around 60 million dollars.
This is an ambitious film (7 years of work) in order to be at the same level of other American super productions. Planet 51 is supposed to be in the cinemas for Christmas of 2009.

Many thanks for the helpful person that translated this!

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