PC game Planet 51 Online - 30 Sep 2009

Today Zed announced the PC game Planet 51 Online. For clarification: Zed, a developer of entertainment and community products for mobile phones and the internet, was founded by the Perez Dolset family. This is the same family who founded Pyro Studios (the developer of the Planet 51 console games) and Ilion Studios (where the cinematic movie is being made).

From the press release:

The game is an online virtual world, where you play for free, that allows players to become a part of and explore the Planet 51 universe, populated by other fans of the film connected via the internet.

Planet 51 Online creates an educational entertainment atmosphere where players can meet and chat with other fans online, complete quests and missions that are rewarded with special virtual items, and play fun games that require eye-and-hand coordination, memory skills and team work. The game will grow and evolve with the audience to improve its playing experience.

Planet 51 Online website
First trailer


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