If you are a true Planet 51 fan and also using Spotify, we'd like to suggest some albums you want to add to your playlist; all official soundtracks (OST) of Planet 51 are available on Spotify. If you don't have a (free) Spotify account yet, this might be a reason to consider it.

Planet 51: The Game
Planet 51: The Movie

Apart from the Planet 51 soundtracks you can also listen to the albums of other Pyro Studios games.

Commandos 2
Commandos 3
Commandos Strike Force
Imperial Glory

All albums have been composed by Mateo Pascual, Pyro Studios' in-house musician, except for Planet 51: The Movie (various artists). If you don't have Spotify yet, you can download it here.

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We have updated the link to the Planet 51 PC demo since the link was broken. You can now download the demo from our own server. To download, go here:

Planet 51 PC demo

Furthermore, we have updated the Planet 51 guides page. It contains all the PlayStation 3 Trophies, Xbox 360 Achievements and Wii Challenges. Visit them directly from here:

Planet 51 Guides (overview)
Planet 51 Trophies guide (PlayStation 3)
Planet 51 Achievements guide (Xbox 360)
Planet 51 Challenges guide (Nintendo Wii)

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Since it's theatrical release, reviews of Planet 51: The Movie have started pouring in. You can get a nice overview at the website www.metacritic.com.

The movie is getting mixed reviews, but the overall rating is, unfortunately for Ilion Studios, very poor. So far 21 critic reviews have been submitted, which avarage at a 3,9. The website's visitors are less negative though. A total of 29 people rate the movie at an avarage of 7,8.

At IMDb the movie avarages at a score of 5,8 based on 1050 user votes.

Metacritic ratings
IMDb ratings

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Update: The method below doesn't work anymore. You can now download the Planet 51 PC demo from our TAFN server.

Sega has published a PC demo for the game and it is available on the game's website. We can't give a direct link, since direct linking has been disabled, so go to the American section of the official website (here) and click on the green button saying "Download the PC demo now" on the left side of the screen. It is important that you go to the American section since the other sections don't have a download link.

Please remember, the full game isn't available for PC. It will only be released on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii and Nintendo DS.

Have fun!

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We have updated the Planet 51 screenshots section for all platforms.

Nintendo DS
Nintendo Wii
Playstation 3
Xbox 360

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Today Zed announced the PC game Planet 51 Online. For clarification: Zed, a developer of entertainment and community products for mobile phones and the internet, was founded by the Perez Dolset family. This is the same family who founded Pyro Studios (the developer of the Planet 51 console games) and Ilion Studios (where the cinematic movie is being made).

From the press release:

The game is an online virtual world, where you play for free, that allows players to become a part of and explore the Planet 51 universe, populated by other fans of the film connected via the internet.

Planet 51 Online creates an educational entertainment atmosphere where players can meet and chat with other fans online, complete quests and missions that are rewarded with special virtual items, and play fun games that require eye-and-hand coordination, memory skills and team work. The game will grow and evolve with the audience to improve its playing experience.

Planet 51 Online website
First trailer


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Sony has launched its full website for the upcoming animated movie (the official website for the videogame can be found here). As you visit the different sections of the website, you'll also visit different parts of the Planet 51 universe! So for a nice glimpse of what you can expect of the movie, head over to the official movie website! Oh, while you are checking out all the new features, be sure you don't forget to give the avatar creator a try!

Click to visit the website

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Hi all,

You probably have noticed that our site is filled with warning messages. It seems to be limited to the frontpage so viewing the content shouldn't be a problem. We're looking into fixing this.

Update: The problem has been fixed, everything should work correct again.

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