Planet 51 Wii Challenges

The Wii version of Planet 51 has 46 challenges. This page is a work in progress. At a later time we will also add other rewards, such as stickers and comic pages.

If you need the PlayStation 3 trophies or Xbox 360 achievements instead, go to the Planet 51 Trophies and Achievements guide.

Letís discover this planet!

Complete the first mission of the game... Have fun!

The Harvester

Complete the mission "Rocks!"

The Suburbs

Complete all the Suburbs missions.

King Klong

Complete the mission "King Klong."


Complete all the Town missions.

Good Luck, Chuck!

Complete the final mission of the game.


Knock the thief off his bike in less than 30 seconds.

Newspaper Boy

Throw every newspaper into a mailbox while working as a paperboy.

Balance Fan

Take all of Neera's books to the finish in less than 75 seconds.


Complete the mission: "The Trap" in less than 150 seconds.

Perfect Spin

Take the mechanic's car for a drive without crashing it.

Balloon Hunter

Collect all of Skiff's balloons in less than 60 seconds.


Escape the Suburbs in less than 160 seconds.

Dog Terror

Catch all the dogs while using only 12 shots or less in the mission: "Chasing Dogs."

Lord of the Canal

Complete the race in the canal in less than 130 seconds, and with more than 50% life.

Urban Athlete

Complete every jump in the city without making any mistakes.

Stone Fanatic

Collect all the rocks in the stone rain in less than 70 seconds.

Professional Taxi Driver

Complete all the clients' routes with more than 15 seconds remaining.

Smart Runner

Complete the race in the desert using all available shortcuts.

Base 9 Athlete

Avoid all traps in Base 9 in the mission: "Meet You There."


Escape from Base 9 with more than 50% life.

Tough Boy

Reach the MAX level in the task "Car Crusher."

Master of Balance

Reach the MAX level in the task "I Can Do Anything!"

All Our Subscribers Are Happy!

Reach the MAX level in the task "Glipforg News Paperboy."

The Nicest Boy in the Neighborhood

Reach the MAX level in the task "Glipforg Deliveries."

Fastest Driver in the Suburbs

Reach the MAX level in the task "Suburban Racer."

The Dog Catcher

Reach the MAX level in the task "Too Many Dogs in this Town."

The Bomb Giver

Reach the MAX level in the task "Hot Bombs."

Glipforg Taxi Driver

Reach the MAX level in the task "Taxi!"

Rocks and Roller

Reach the MAX level in the task "Rocks and Roll!"

Fastest Driver in Town

Reach the MAX level in the task "Racing Down Town."

Fastest Desert Driver

Reach the MAX level in the task "Race in the Desert."

Push and Win

Reach the MAX level in the task "Push and Win."

Pro Cyclist

Travel 6.5 mi (10 km) by bicycle.

Pro Driver

Travel 280 mi (450 km) by car.

Flying Car

Perform a jump of 260 ft (80 m) or more.

Careful Driver

Drive a car for 3 minutes without collisions.

Compulsive Fixer

Use all the Repairers in the game.

Reckless Driver

Destroy 50 pieces of property in 120 seconds.


Elude the law enforcers 3 times in a row in the same vehicle.


Maintain the maximum level of alert for 3 minutes.


Unlock all the multiplayer elements.

Car Collector

Unlock all cars.

Sticker Collector

Collect all the stickers that you'll earn in the tasks.

Comic Fan

Obtain all the comic frames scattered around Planet 51.

Video Fan

Obtain all the videos.

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