Planet 51 Enemies

General Grawl

Planet 51 General Grawl

General Grawl bleeds Army green. Literally. Then again so does everyone else on Planet 51 because their blood is as green as their skin. But that shouldn’t take anything away from the Commander of the Army’s patriotism. This guy lives and breathes for the job of stopping alien invaders from living and breathing. That’s bad news for Chuck when he pops up on Planet 51. Yep, Grawl is about as gung-ho as a three-star general who doesn’t wear pants can get.

Professor Kipple

Planet 51 Professor Kipple

Pop Quiz: what’s small, green, annoying, really smart, and obsessed with collecting brains for scientific study? If you said your kid brother then you probably want to ask your parents if you’re adopted. But if you said Professor Kipple, then you win the satisfaction of being an excellent pop quiz taker. Professor Kipple is the smartest resident of Planet 51. Or at least that’s what he tells everyone who will listen. When Chuck arrives on Planet 51, the good doctor sets his sights on getting Chuck’s brain out of his head and into the lab for further study. Which raises the question: how smart can Kipple be if he thinks Chuck’s lame brain is worth all that trouble?

Lousy assistant

Planet 51 Lousy assistant

It wouldn't surprise us if this assistant (at least he looks like one) will give a bigger margin of error for our friends.

Brainless soldier

Planet 51 Brainless soldier

A not so very smart looking soldier. Still, you have to watch out for these guys because it ain't toys they carry.

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