Planet 51 Storyline

Last update on 30th Dec 2007

The protagonists of the game are Chuck; a NASA astronaut, and Lem; an inhabitant of Planet 51. The Planet 51 inhabitantsí worst fear is an invasion of beings from outer space. Their fear comes true one day when Chuck lands his spaceship on the surface of Planet 51, thinking that itís just another rock floating through space.

Itís unknown what Chuckís mission is, and with what purpose he visits Planet 51. Perhaps scientists believed thereís water and proposed there might have been life, thus making it an interesting place to visit. Or maybe technical problems with his spaceship forced him to land there. Whatever the reason has been, Chuck will find himself on a planet inhabited by advanced forms of life that look not much different from people on Earth.

Somehow Chuck becomes befriended with Lem, a young kid who doesnít share the same fear for aliens like the rest of the Planet 51 inhabitants. Lem still lives with his brother and parents so it will be impossible to hide Chuck from them. It will probably be his known fascination for space and certainty that Chuck doesnít have any bad intentions that will convince his parents not to contact authorities.

To return home Chuck must recover his spaceship, which wonít be easy since his arrival didnít go unnoticed. By now authorities are on the highest alert and are looking for him, which makes locating and getting to his spaceship difficult. And even if he locates his spaceship, getting it out of there will be almost impossible since itís been put to a tight security.

To survive the only option he has is to return home. It would be impossible to stay hidden forever. Eventually he will be found and conducted to numerous of painful tests by mad scientists wanting to unravel questions about extraterrestrial life. He can use every help he can get from his new friends. And heíll need a great bunch of luck as well.

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